Cyber Industrial Strategy Public Consultation 

The Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications (DECC) and National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is undertaking the development of Ireland’s first industrial strategy for the cyber security sector.   Government has set a vision for Ireland to be a leading nation in harnessing cyber as an engine of economic growth and societal development. Ireland’s Cyber … Read more

ZeroDays CTF 2024

Blog by Mark Lane, ZeroDays Saturday 23rd March saw the latest edition of #ZeroDaysCTF take place at Croke Park in Dublin. 130 teams took part in what is the largest on-site capture-the-flag event in the world! Participants competed across three categories: Irish Colleges, Cyber Schools and the Open/Industry category, which was sponsored by Cyber Ireland.  … Read more

Insights into European (and Irish) Private Cybersecurity Investment

By Francisco Andrade e Silva, Market and Regional Policies Junior Manager, ECSO The European cybersecurity market has been increasing steadily over the past decades, having reached a total of €52.4B in 2023 with a 10.81% CAGR until 2029 (Mordor Intelligence, 2024). One factor plays a crucial role in ensuring a steady market growth: investment. A … Read more

Developments in Cyber Security in the Irish Healthcare Sector Since the May 2021 Cyber-Attack


By Ken Sheehan, Smarttech247 Introduction In May 2021, a ransomware group carried out a double extortion attack on the HSE – data was stolen, and files encrypted, that caused a catastrophic impact on the HSE’s ability to function. The multi-faceted response which included the HSE and private sector partners, the National Cyber Security Centre and … Read more

Organisations Must Embrace a Software Security Culture

By Ita Ryan, PhD software security researcher at UCC When considering online security issues, the focus is often on overall cybersecurity rather than on vulnerable software. Software security involves designing and writing software so that it is resistant to attack by bad actors. Anyone who has been paying attention to the never-ending cycle of vulnerability-patch-vulnerability-patch … Read more

Launch of South-East Chapter, 25th January 2024

By Brendan Burke, State Street On Thursday, 25th January 2024, the South East chapter of Cyber Ireland was officially launched. This event was attended by over 40 people representing various groups across the Education sector, Government bodies, SME’s and larger MNCs. The cyber community has grown rapidly in the South East in the last decade. … Read more

Cyber resilience and the future EU Cybersecurity Certification Framework

By Khalimatou Samirah Ireland builds its capabilities for the EU Cybersecurity Certification Framework. Cybercrime has increasingly raised concerns these last few years and continues to be an issue to organisations and states security. Governments around the world are responding to this issue and within the European Union (EU) the Cybersecurity Act 2019 was adopted. This … Read more

2nd Annual IEEE Cyber Research Conference (CRCI) took place in ATU Letterkenny on Friday 24 th November 2023

NW Cyber Ireland members attending CRCI 2023

By Veronica Rogers, Lecturer, ATU Sligo. In Association with itag and EU Skills & Business, helping address skills gaps in the European Union, the 2nd Annual IEEE Cyber Research Conference Ireland (CRCI) 2023 took place in ATU Letterkenny on Friday 24th November.  Over 60 attendees on the day, enjoyed the keynote speakers’ presentation from Randolph … Read more

Cyber4AM highlights the need to fortify digital defences for Ireland’s manufacturing industry to maintain its global edge

Digital defences are one part of the jigsaw as to why Ireland consistently ranks as a leading exporter of high-end and sophisticated products Potential for a more integrated All-Island cyber security market to bolster defences and further increase Ireland’s attractiveness as a glocal manufacturing base Cyber threats recognise no borders; collaboration and partnerships are key … Read more