3 Ways to Implement an Assume Breach Mentality

Assuming A Breach Mentality

Assuming a Breach Mentality Due to the constantly evolving threat landscape, our approach to cybersecurity breaches, like ransomware, must develop alongside it. IT professionals often tell their clients and line managers to think that “it’s not if we suffer an attack, it’s when”. However, security prevention measures and technologies implemented by adopting this mindset are … Read more

Could You be a World Skills Champion 2022?

WorldSkills Ireland 2022

World Skills Ireland Preliminary Competition 2022 Do you, or someone you know, have what it takes to be a Cyber Security world skills champion? We are looking for candidates to represent Ireland at the 2022 World Skills Competition. The criteria: Aged between 18-26? (born in 1996 or younger) Studying or working on the island of … Read more

The Cyber Security Landscape in 2022 & Why a Zero Trust Approach is Critical

Zero Trust Approach

Cyber Security Trends for 2022 & a Zero Trust Approach Our world has changed dramatically in 2021. The pandemic has presented cybercriminals with the perfect opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities in networks and unprotected devices. They’ve taken advantage of this moment with some very high-profile attacks that made headlines around the world. The SolarWinds attack in … Read more

Enterprise Ireland Digitalisation Voucher: Your First Steps Towards Digital

Enterprise Ireland Digitalisation Voucher

The Enterprise Ireland Digitalisation Voucher is a strategic consultancy grant that helps companies prepare a plan for adopting digital tools & techniques across the business. Process Optimisation, Digital Customer Experience and Data Management will be essential in order to remain competitive post Covid-19. With that, the risks associated should always be considered, ensuring that Cyber Security is at the forefront of any digital plan.

Cyber Security Month Virtual Cyber SME/MNC Networking Event

Virtual Cyber SME MNC event details

Virtual Cyber SME/MNC Networking Event As part of Cyber Security Month 2021, Cyber Ireland partnered with Enterprise Ireland & IDA Ireland to run a Virtual Cyber SME/MNC Networking Event. This event was a designed to support increased networking and collaboration opportunities within the cyber security industry in Ireland – which is part of Cyber Ireland’s … Read more

Cyber Ireland & Edgescan Webinar: Ethical Hacking 101

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking 101 Removing the mystery of how attacks are carried out Explore the hacker mentality, how they identify and target vulnerabilities in organisations and how they carry out the attack. Moderator: – Jan Carroll, Lecturer Cyber Security, UCD Speaker: – James Mullen, Edgescan, Ethical Hacker of the Year 2020. Agenda Intoduction & Overview: Removing … Read more

OTSec Working Group Launch

OTSec Group Launch

Summary The initial OTSec Group launch and the subsequent communication on it have further emphasised the need for such a group in Ireland. A problem shared is a problem solved is a theme that echoed from the presenters and the participants at this initial event. Over the next few months more structure will be developed … Read more