Executive Dinner for CISO’s & Leaders Within Information Security

October 5, 2022
6:00 pm  |  Hayfield Manor Cork

The current surge in cyber attacks targeting manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and critical national infrastructure shows no indication of declining anytime soon. The attackers have the odds stacked in their favour; time, tools and a dark web network of like-minded individuals and nation-state actors, for example. As a result, many organisations are examining the true cyber security posture within their networks and discovering very significant challenges, particularly across IT & OT environments, such as where an “air gapped approach” was previously deemed a secure strategy to isolate IT Networks from OT Networks, or simply requesting a live CMDB of 100% of connected, managed/unmanaged devices/assets.

Armis provides the visibility and management information across the IT and OT Networks and visibility of 100% of assets. We will examine some use cases and challenges addressed by Armis, discuss the Armis differentiator and answer questions from the audience.