Zero Days CTF 2023

April 1, 2023
9:00 am - 5:00 pm  |  Croke Park Jones' Road Dublin 3

Zero Days is back for the 7th year of their Inter-colleges Capture-The-Flag event. This will be one of the largest in-person CTFs on the planet, with up to 500 hundred participants taking part across the Colleges, Schools and Open challenges. Due to the huge interest, this year’s CTF is taking place in a bigger and better venue; Croke Park!

There will be three CTF challenges held across the day, the Irish College’s Cyber-Security Challenge, Cyber-Schools, and Irish team selection and training for the European Cyber Security Challenge.

Cyber-Schools Security Challenge

Organised in partnership with Science Foundation Ireland Cyber Skills, the Schools Challenge aims to highlight the cyber-security industry as an exciting and accessible career pathway. The event is designed to be fun and inclusive.

You don’t need to be a leet hacker to take part and enjoy the day, as the event caters for all skill levels. If you already enjoy, or you would like to try, any of the activities listed below then the Irish Cyber-Schools Security Challenge is for you.

  • Solving Challenges, Coming up with creative solutions
  • Lock Picking, Puzzles, Quizzes , Escape Rooms
  • Scripting / Coding
  • Web hacking, Security, Bug Bounties,
  • or you just like having fun and trying new things

Irish Colleges Cyber-Security Challenge

The Irish Colleges Cyber-Security Challenge aims to showcase and identify the best cyber-security students in the country. The event caters for all levels from complete IT beginners to experienced professional penetration testers.

With over 50 unique challenges on the day, there will be tasks and activities to keep teams of all abilities entertained. Teams have to solve security-related tasks from domains such as web security, network security, wireless and IoT security, cryptography, exploitation, reverse engineering, forensics, puzzles, trivia and much more. If you enjoy solving challenges, coding, security, IT or just having fun then Zero Days colleges CTF is for you.

Open Cyber-Security Challenge

This Challenge is open to graduates, industry professionals, or any teams that don’t qualify for the College’s or Schools’s Challenges.