Cyber4AM - Cyber Security for Advanced Manufacturing & IN4.0

Cyber Ireland and NI Cyber were awarded funding under the InterTradeIreland Synergy Programme for a pilot project to:

1. Support the digitalisation and cyber security preparedness of Irish and Northern Irish Manufacturing SMEs.
2. Create business opportunities for Irish and Northern Irish cyber security companies in the Advanced Manufacturing sector.

Cyber Security for Advanced Manufacturing (Cyber4AM) an all-island, cross-cluster project, commenced in August 2023 and completed in December 2023.
Research Consultant for the project was CJHNetwork.

Project Overview

Industry 4.0 has revolutionized manufacturing through digitization and connectivity, leading to a cyber-physical system. This increasing connectedness of the manufacturing environment to both customers and suppliers, brings new, inherent cyber security risks for manufacturing companies, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their supply chain, in both information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) systems. Manufacturing SMEs need support with their cyber security maturity as they digitalise their factories. There is also a market opportunity for cyber security companies to better understand the potential vulnerabilities and needs of the manufacturing sector as it progresses towards Industry 4.0.


The Project outputs included:

  • 20 Manufacturing SMEs were assessed on their cyber security maturity and needs (demand side).
  • Cybersecurity solutions from Irish and Northern Irish companies, as well as education and training were identified (Supply side).
  • 10 cyber security companies’ solutions and market capabilities were assessed for advanced manufacturing.
  • Report on the impact of industry 4.0 on cybersecurity in the manufacturing sector, including regulatory implications, challenges, attack methods was developed.
  • A project workshop event was held at the ISA Ireland OT Cybersecurity Conference (November 2023) to present and discuss the report findings and introduce manufacturing and cyber security companies.


Some of the recommendations for further work are listed below. The full list of recommendations can be found in the Executive Summary Report

  • Awareness and Training: The most common supports that companies believe would help them is targeted training and awareness programs for manufacturing SMEs. Additionally specialised training and courses suitable for industry to enhance companies’ readiness for OT cyber-attacks is needed.
  • Standards and Regulations: Companies require support to implement cyber security standards and frameworks such as ISO27001 and IEC 6244. Additionally, awareness raising and support around pending regulations such as NIS2.0 and Cyber Resilience Acts is required.
  • Comprehensive Cybersecurity Strategy: Companies need to integrate cybersecurity more comprehensively into their business strategies as part of their digization plan.
  • Cybersecurity and OEMs: Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) need to improve the assessment and communication of cyber risk of their products with their manufacturing clients.

Project partners include

  • Cyber Security Clusters – Cyber Ireland & NI Cyber
  • Manufacturing Clusters – ATIM, IDEAM, Mega, Manufacturing NI
  • Education & Research Institutes –  CONFIRM, IMR, Munster Technological University, Queens University Belfast and University Ulster.

For further details, read the Executive Summary Report here.


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