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European Cyber Solution Pitch Event at CINC24

Wednesday 25th September, 2024, in Kilkenny Ireland.

Cyber Ireland will host the ECSO Cyber Solution Days at CINC24.

ECSO CSD is organised by the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), Women 4 Cyber with various host partners across Europe. 

CSDs aims to bring Europe’s end-users and cybersecurity solution providers together in a curated manner, where European CISOs request cyber security companies to bring their solutions to key challenges and priorities.

Cyber Ireland’s CISO Forum Survey 2024 identified the key challenges for CISOs in Ireland, their investment decisions and priorities for 2024. They have selected two key solution areas they are interested in:

  • Identify & Access Management
  • Cloud Security

European cyber security companies with innovative solutions in these areas are invited to apply to pitch at this event.

Up to 8 companies will have the opportunity to pitch to ECSO’s and Cyber Ireland’s CISO Community and receive feedback on their solutions.

Why Pitch at Cyber Solution Days – Benefits for Solution Providers: 

  • Business Opportunities – Present your solution to CISOs from Cyber Ireland’s CISO Forum and ECSO’s CISO Community. 
  • Meet with potential business partners and buyers to enter the European cybersecurity market. 
  • Get end-user feedback from the CISO Jury. 
  • Get European recognition for your Solution through ECSO’s promotion. 
  • Compete for the ECSO CISO Choice Award and Women4Cyber Award.

ECSO CISO Choice Award

The two best cybersecurity companies, selected by the judging panel, will be nominated to compete for the ECSO CISO Choice Award in early 2025. which aims to provide European cybersecurity companies with international recognition in the eyes of potential buyers and business partners.

Women4Cyber Award

Those cybersecurity companies (co)-founded by women and/or with      at least 30% of women on the board will have the opportunity to                                             apply to the Women4Cyber Award                                       Application Link.

Solution Providers – How to Apply?

Solution providers are invited to submit a slide deck application to illustrate how their solution meets the selection criteria.

Application Process:

  • 24th June – Application Call Opens
  • Solution providers submit slide deck to [email protected] and cc [email protected] (pdf, 1 MB size).
  • 22nd July – Application Closes
  • Selection Committee Adjudication
  • August – Notification of selected solutions.
  • 25th September – Cyber Solution Days Pitch 

Solution Provider Criteria:

Your company must meet the following criteria as part of the ECSO CSD format:

  • Europe-based companies – the company must have its headquarter in Europe and a minimum 51% European Capital in the ownership structure.
  • The solution should be applicable to the area of Identify & Access Management or Cloud Security.
  • Re-sellers or integrators are not permitted (but representatives are welcome to join the event).
  • Preference will be given to small and medium-sized enterprises (fewer than 250 employees and annual turnover below €50 million).

Application details:

Send your pitch deck (max 13 slides) to [email protected] illustrating how your solution meets the following areas:

  • Company headquarters, locations and ownership structure.
  • Size of the company – staff numbers (Full-time equivalents/FTEs).
  • Founders and Senior leadership team (note if the company is founded by women and/or at least 30% of women on the board to apply to the Women4Cyber Award)
  • Annual turnover – in euros.
  • How long is the company/solution on the market.
  • How it addresses the topic: Identify & Access Management or
    Cloud Security.
  • Use case example(s). 
  • List of main clients. 
  • List of certifications (if applicable). 
  • Data residency/sovereignty information – demonstrate to show where the users’ data is stored.
  • Security practices – demonstrate how the company ensures its infrastructure security and implements security assessment.
  • Integration potential – demonstrate how well the company’s solution can integrate with IT frameworks and other cybersecurity products.
  • Ease of deployment – demonstrate how quickly the solution can be deployed and how many resources are needed.
  • Maintainability – how much resources are required to monitor the solution, how solution maintenance is implemented and if it requires hiring people or involving third parties in its maintenance.

Event Registration:

Event registration will open for CISOs, industry experts, integrators and re-sellers after the solution providers have been selected in August.

Contact details for enquiries: [email protected]