Join Us For The 11th Cyber Investor Days

The 11th Cyber Investor Days is coming to Dublin on the 27-28th June 2022, hosted by Enterprise Ireland and Cyber Ireland in partnership with the European Cyber Security Organisation.

European VC’s, with a cybersecurity focus, will travel to Ireland to hear pitches from cyber start-ups. 
With over 30 applications from European cyber security start-ups, 14 have been selected to go forward to the pitch day, including 8 Irish start-ups.

Start-up Pitch Finalists:

  1. Akeero (Ireland)
  2. Angoka (United Kingdom)
  3. Calldefender (Ireland)
  4. Crashtest Security (Germany)
  5. CyberPie (Ireland)
  6. CYS4 (Italy)
  7. Cytidel (Ireland)
  8. Exalens (United Kingdom)
  9. GuardYoo (Ireland)
  10. Mesh Security (Ireland)
  11. (Ireland)
  12. Parcoor (France)
  13. Vaultree (Ireland)
  14. XignSys (Germany)

Event information is here.