BH Consulting – Cyber Governance 2020

The Governance Challenge: exploring emerging issues in cyber governance for 2020


The challenge of compliance with international regulations.

The governance on how organisations process and protect a user’s data has changed significantly in the last 20 months. The introduction of regulations such as GDPR and the upcoming E-Privacy Regulation have brought new challenges to organisations in relation to how they demonstrate compliance while managing the ever-changing cyber threats that face businesses today.

As a follow up to our 2019 seminar on Securing Your Supply Chain this year BH Consulting and Certification Europe will be teaming up to discuss what organisations face in terms of regulations both on a European and global level plus what affect Brexit will have in 2020 and 2021 from an Information Security perspective.

The seminar will also provide options about what your organisation can do to manage these Government requirements by implementing ISMS that both help secure your data plus demonstrate compliance.

Running order

1. How ISO 27001 can help in Managing compliance risk post-Brexit

2. EU Cybersecurity Act & E- Privacy regulation -the implications for governance and rules and how ISO 27001 can help

3. Using ISO 27001 and the ISO 27701 extension to manage your Privacy Program

4. The business implications of the GDPR and how ISO 27001 can help address these

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