Cork|Sec 89 November 2020

Running since June 2013, every month we have 2 talks focused on Security or Technology – followed by socialising with like minded people – and you can find out exactly what to expect on the About Us section of our Meetup page. Past talk details are on our wiki on All people with any sort of an interest or level of knowledge in Security, Hacking and Emerging Technology are more than welcome to attend and feel free to bring like minded colleagues and friends.

Zoom room opens at 19:00 with talks starting at 19:05.

TALK 1 : Container Isolation and Least Privilege (Part 2) – Seosaimh o’Shea

As software development continues to become container obsessed, this talk offers a quick drive by of the world of containers and introduces orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes. We look at the security considerations needed at the code, container, cluster and cloud layers and look to understand common attack vectors.
Continued from last months talk

TALK 2: The Trials and tribulations of securing a CMS – Dean Brennan

The ins and outs of the development, testing and securing of a social media Content Management System

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