12th Jan – CorkSec 91

Running since June 2013, every month we have 2 talks focused on Security or Technology – followed by socialising with like minded people – and you can find out exactly what to expect on the About Us section of our Meetup page. Past talk details are on our wiki on All people with any sort of an interest or level of knowledge in Security, Hacking and Emerging Technology are more than welcome to attend and feel free to bring like minded colleagues and friends.

Our talks come from our community so if you have an idea for a topic (anything for 10-60 minutes) please email us at [email protected] . Whether you are an experienced presenter, or presenting for your first time – CorkSec is a great venue for it – and we are happy to help you prepare and mentor you.

Zoom room opens at 19:00 with talks starting at 19:05.

TALK 1 : Adding security into the Container delivery pipeline – Matija Töpfer

Practical and modular implementation of a security-enabled CI/CD pipeline, using only open-source and freely available tools.

TALK 2 : OSCP Ask me Anything – Paul Horgan, Maurice Cronin and more

OSCP (Offensive Security Certification Program) is probably one of the most coveted, and hardest to get, certificates in offensive computing. In this session we will have some folks sharing their experience of trying this course and exam and what you can expect, in a mixture of slides and an AMA (Ask me Anything) format

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