CWSI Secure Remote Working Series – Trading from Home: The New Normal

Secure Remote Working Webinar | Compliance & Productivity When Trading From Home

About this Event

When you bill for your time in minutes, a poor customer experience can set you back years.

For regulated industries where time is money, a key challenge during the work from home period is achieving compliance quickly so staff can meet the needs of clients without delay.

Join experts from Movius & CWSI as we explore the ways in which companies can maintain the profitability and productivity of regulated high value staff as they work from home during this time.


• How compliance can create roadblocks for a remote worker

• The knock on effect these roadblocks can have for a business

• What IT staff can do to return to a state of normal output during this time

• Achieving compliance quickly during these times

• How to future proof your regulated workforce for future remote working

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