Cyber Scotland Week

23rd Feb. Cyber Scotland Week: Why the focus on cyber clusters?

Why the focus on cyber clusters?

There are many cyber clusters set up in the UK, Europe and globally. The UK alone has over 20 official cyber clusters. So why is there such a focus on and growth in cyber clusters? What benefit do they bring to the local region and to the companies that operate there?

With speakers from DCMS, Scottish cyber cluster, North East England cyber cluster and Cyber Ireland, we will explore what clusters are all about – what benefits do they bring and could they be doing more?

This is also an opportunity to learn about the Scottish, North East England and Irish cyber clusters and gain insights on how to connect and collaborate with these clusters!

We’ll be joined by the following speakers:

  • Ciara Mitchell – Cyber Cluster Manager for Scotland

  • Phil Jackman – North East England Cluster Manager

  • Eoin Byrne – Cyber Ireland Cluster Manager

  • Richard Yorke – Director of Cynam, Cheltenham’s cyber cluster, and a DCMS Cyber Growth Team representative

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