Demystifying Cyber Security – Insider threats and shadow IT

A webinar series for #CyberSecMonth – October 2020.

Taking the mystery out of some of the main cyber topics that small businesses need to deal with every day.

We will take a topic each week and give some background and guidance on it.

These webinars will be 20-30 minutes long and take place at 14:00 Irish time, on each Tuesday in October.


Today’s Topic: Insider threats and shadow IT

  • What is an Insider threat and Shadow IT
  • Can you do something to prevent the Insider threat from materialising
  • What forms does Shadow IT take
  • How do you deal with those different forms


The webinar will be live streamed on our YouTube channel, which you can get to here:


Feel free to put any questions you have in the chat and they will be addressed.


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