Digital Government 2020

9th Dec. Online Conference: Digital Government 2020

The Digital Government Conference is taking place online this year in December. This annual event, usually held in Croke Park, will provide a valuable opportunity to bring together key stakeholders to gain insight into the government’s objectives for digital transformation and hear directly from those responsible for driving this forward. There has perhaps been no bigger challenge in recent times than what we are currently facing – the coronavirus pandemic – something that has sharply brought into focus the need for public service organisations to be responsive, resilient and agile.

From March 2020, the way we live and work has been utterly changed, as has the role that technology now plays. All areas of our public services have been hugely impacted, particularly health, education and social welfare and digital inclusion has never been more important. As part of the national Covid-19 response, the move towards digital public services has been accelerated to ensure they can deliver for Ireland’s citizens.

This online conference will feature a range of expert speakers who will talk about their digital transformation journey and look ahead to what’s next as we navigate the Covid-19 pandemic.

Key themes covered:
Accelerating the digitisation of public services;
Responding to the pandemic: Digital strategy for resilient organisations;
Creating a GovTech ecosystem for Ireland;
Citizen engagement – making government accessible;
Collaboration as part of the Covid-19 response;
Technology to transform the delivery of health services;
Better data for better services;
The Digital University: a new way of working;
Emerging technologies and IoT;
Embracing Robotics and AI in the public sector: Challenges and opportunities;
Smarter government, driven by digital;
Digital inclusion: Technology to empower citizens;
Tackling the issue of cyber security;
Best practice case studies in digital delivery from outside Ireland.

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