14th Jan. Finsec Project: Finance Sector Security Training Workshop

Workshop’s Learning Objectives
  • Understand the main security challenges faced nowadays by Financial Organizations.

  • Get Acquainted with novel Cyber-Security solutions that could alleviate modern security challenges.

  • Learn about novel approaches for Risk Assessment and Mitigation.

  • Understand the role of leading-edge Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Resilience of Financial Institutions.

  • Gain insights on the emerging integration of Cybersecurity and Physical Security.

Who should attend
  • Managers and Executives that supervise Security Functions in Financial organizations.

  • Security Officers in the Finance Sector.

  • Risk Controllers in the Finance Sector.

  • Members of Security Teams for Banks and Financial Institutions (e.g., Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs), Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs)).

  • Representatives of Regulators and other Institutional Stakeholders in the Finance Sector.

  • Vendors and Integrators of Technological Solutions for Banking and Finance.


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