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A confluence of trends have caused the security of industrial operations to take center stage in the C-Suite. The convergence of IT and OT environments, migration of once isolated OT environments to IIoT, and of course increased targeting of industrial networks just to name a few. With these emerging trends, there is an even greater need to have 100% visibility, security and control across industrial environments.


  • 11:00 Introduction to the OT Forum: Michael Conway, Renaissance
  • 11.15 Customer Case Study: Jim Mackessy, Irish Distillers
  • 11:35 What is happening in the OT market now:   Michael Rothschild, Tenable
  • 11:50 Jacky Fox, Accenture
  • 12:00 Open Forum for Discussion
  • 12:30 The Smarttech Proposition: Andy Grzess, Smarttech247
  • 12:45 Close

Gain valuable insights into what you need for your OT environment.

Join us for this engaging virtual session where we will provide actual examples from the field, we will also cover:

  • The current threat landscape given the new reality.
  • The different methods & latest technologies unique to OT Security.
  • What you need to know in implementing ICS security as part of your organisations larger security posture.
  • Lessons learned and tips from implemented projects

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