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12th Nov – [email protected] Technical Information Webinar: Hashes, Keys and Certificates

[email protected] in association with CloudCIX and CIT (MTU) is excited to bring you this exciting informative webinar on Hashes, Keys and Certificates.

Hashes, Keys and Certificates are three technical terms that people frequently confuse with each other. Join us for this informative session as expert panelist, Vincent Ryan (Senior Lecturer at CIT), will discuss and explain these terms. The webinar will cover the following topics:


  • What is a Hash and when is it used?
  •  What is a Rainbow List?
  • What is a SALT and how does it strengthen hashing?

To learn more about hashes in advance of the webinar, check out: Have I Been Pwned Website


  • What are symmetric keys?
  •  How are symmetric keys exchanged securely?
  • What are asymmetric key pairs?
  • How are keys used for encryption?


  • What’s an SSL/TLS Certificate? Do I need one?
  • Does a certificate contain a key?
  • What is a Certificate Authority (CA)
  • How do browsers use CAs
  • What is non repudiation?

To learn more about certificates in advance of the webinar, check out: Let’s Encrypt Website

This webinar will be moderated by Jerry Sweeny, Managing Director, CloudCIX

Registration: This webinar is free for all [email protected] members and the general public. Please click on the following link for registration:

Webinar Registration

Vincent Ryan, Senior Lecturer at CIT

Vincent has lectured at CIT for over 30 years, and has developed a special interest in Cybersecurity. He is the programme coordinator for the MSc in Cybersecurity at CIT.

Jerry Sweeney, Managing Director, CloudCIX

Jerry Sweeney is Managing Director of CloudCIX. Jerry’s career spans forty years in the IT sector ranging from Semiconductor Manufacturing,  Software Development and Data Centre Design and operation. CloudCIX is a multi-region cloud computing platform available as a Public Cloud, Private Cloud and as a White Label Cloud for Managed Service Providers.



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