9th November. King’s College London Free Webinar

King’s College London Webinar: Private Sector Contribution to National Strategies of Cyber-deterrence

Chair: Lilly Pijnenburg Muller

Speaker: Dr Eugenio Lilli

Election interference and the global coronavirus pandemic have focused people’s attention on the complex link between cybersecurity and national strategies. In this talk, Dr Eugenio Lilli will explore ways in which the private sector can contribute to a country’s effort to deter malicious cyber-activities. Whilst this is a critical aspect of national security, Dr Lilli will argue that private-sector cybersecurity activities could also create a number of security, legal and moral issues whose importance should not be overlooked.

Dr Lilli’s talk will be followed by a discussion with Dr Tim Stevens (War Studies) and a public Q&A.


Dr Eugenio Lilli is program coordinator of the MA in American Politics and Foreign Policy at University College Dublin. His research focuses on how advancements in information and communications technology affect national security in the areas of defence, homeland security and foreign policy, with particular reference to the United States. Dr Lilli received his PhD in War Studies at King’s College London.

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More information & Free Registration: King’s Colleges London Webinar – Private Sector Contribution to National Strategies of Cyber-deterrence


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