nxnwtech V Meetup: Collaboration with Cyber Ireland + NI Cyber (June 2020)

nxnwtech is delighted to announce that in partnership with both Cyber Ireland and NI Cyber we have lined up some excellent tech content on the theme of Cyber Security for our second ‘V’ (Virtual) meetup.

Per the agenda below we can promise a great set of speakers on the topic of all things “Cyber Security” including introductions to both Cyber Ireland and NI Cyber.


6.00pm – 7.00pm (Speakers)

1. nxnwtech V Intro

2. Introduction to ‘Cyber Ireland’ & ‘ITAG Cyber Group’
Dr Eoin Byrne – Cluster Manager @ www.cyberireland.ie

3. Introduction to ‘NI Cyber’
Gillian Colan-O’Leary – Facilitator @ https://www.linkedin.com/company/ni-cyber/
email: [masked]

4. ‘Ease of Privacy Escalation in the Cloud’
Simon Whittaker – Cyber Security Director @ Vertical Structure Ltd

“Simon will demonstrate the ease with which a malicious user can escalate privileges and own an AWS account through a very simple IAM mis-configuration. This will include a live demonstration on his own vulnerable AWS account and show a number of tools and methods for testing, compromising and protecting your accounts.”

5. ’SQL Injection – Trivial but Devastating’
Richey Ward – Advanced Threat Response Analyst @ Hewlett Packard Enterprise

“Databases are an essential part of many websites but did you know that an insecurely coded site’s data can be compromised with trivial attack? Learn how these attacks can be performed with open source software and find out how to ensure your site is protected.”


Cyber Ireland & ITAG Cyber Group Overview:

Cyber Ireland is the national cyber security cluster organisation, bringing together industry, academia and government to represent the needs of the Cyber Security sector in Ireland. The Cyber Ireland West Chapter & ITAG Cyber Group collaborate to provide a regional forum for cyber security in the West of Ireland and links with Cyber Ireland’s national activities.


NI Cyber:

“NI Cyber is a cluster of companies and organisations developing world-leading cyber security technologies for customers worldwide.

The cluster promotes international business, innovation and collaboration opportunities. It consists of companies across a diverse range of sectors including finance, banking, insurance, legal, telecoms, threat intelligence, defence, security and healthcare.”



Collaborating with both Cyber Ireland and NI Cyber forms part of our remit to help build and promote a vibrant tech-community in the North by North West area. Sign-up to learn, network and build a vibrant tech-community in the North by North West area.

===== ACCESS DETAILS =================

Join the event online by following the zoom link listed in the event location on June 18th @ 6.00. (Link will only be visible to members who RSVP)

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