Operations Technology Security Group (OTSec) Launch

16th June. Cyber Ireland: Operations Technology Security Group (OTSec) Launch

The Cyber threat to Operations Technology Systems

Cyber threats have never been as great as evidenced by the audacious nature of recent ransomware attacks by DarkSide on a major US fuel pipeline which cost $5 million in ransom payments alone let alone the loss of revenue and reputation. Closer to home the ransomware attack on the Health Service Executive described as heinous to attack that delayed the care of sick people and will cost tens of millions of Euro even without paying out a ransom demand. This initial webinar will return to the root of the problem as it pertains to the Operations Technology (OT) of  Industrial Control Systems (ICS) at a time where 5G and developments in networking as well as virtualisation makes ICS more connected than ever before.

The webinar will have two talks, the first from Wayne Bursey, Industrial Cyber Security Lead for Siemens Ireland and Scotland.. Through, what appears to be long distant, Stuxnet attack on the Iranian Centrifuge at Natanz in the Iranian province of  Isfahan, Siemens were pushed to the forefront of OTSecurity as Stuxnet targetted one of their Step 7 Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). It caused Siemens to consider Cyber not just in their products but across their organisation in a new way. Wayne will introduce us to that journey.

Eamonn O’Mara, Assoc. Dir, Site IT lead (MSD Carlow), will follow with the perspective of a large pharmaceutical company, Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD), with multiple sites in Ireland. It is not always as simple as deploying state of art Cyber Security process and tools as this may not be in line with the makeup of OT technologies within the manufacturing processes. “What consideration is necessary to meet the needs of the manufacturing processes while ensuring that they do not present exploitable vulnerabilities to the organisations cybersecurity posture.”

Dr Diarmuid Ó Briain is currently a lecturer and the director of Industrial Networks and Cybersecurity postgraduate programme at the Faculty of Engineering in the Institute of Technology Carlow. Dr Ó Briain is Chartered Engineer with over 30 years of industry experience in the Telecommunications, Computer Networking and Information Security sectors. He is a Fellow of Engineers Ireland (FIEI), a Senior Member of the IEEE (SMIEEE) and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

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