11th Feb. TechFindr Webinar. Info Session: CyberSec Career Fair

Techfindr is launching the first CyberSec Virtual Career powered by AI April 21 – 22. During this info session it will be explained how the event works, share past success stories and elaborate how the CyberSec Career Fair will help accelerate your hiring growth as well as build your CyberSec Talent pipeline for 2021.

Grow your CyberSec Team and hire beyond borders at the CyberSec Career Fair. Meet 1500 CyberSec Talents in one place, engage, attract, interview, and hire all made simple with smart AI screening. Come join us on 11th February for an 30 minutes info session at 3 PM and learn how the event works and how to leverage this opportunity to build your CyberSec Talent Pipeline, branding, and save cost to hire.

Ready to meet 1500 CyberSec Talents within the EU in one place?

Register Here for the info session (30 minutes)


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