Tenable: Increase Your OT Visibility And Reduce Security Risk

Operational Technology (OT) systems present a unique cyber challenge that traditional technologies fail to meet. Reliant on bespoke legacy systems, industrial environments are increasingly connected to IT environments, a challenge compounded by remote maintenance repair operations and connected industrial devices.  Join us on July 2nd on our Enterprise Security fireside chat where Tenable VP of OT Security, Barak Perelman, and Smarttech247 CTO, Andy Grzess, will be discussing the evolving OT threat landscape and how to reduce your risk.


Michael Rothschild
Senior Director of Marketing
Michael Rothschild has more than 20 years of experience in IT and OT security security. Michael is the Senior Director of OT Solutions at Tenable. Michael was a professor of marketing at Yeshiva University in New York City and has published a number of works related to marketing.


Andy Grzess
Smarttech247, CTO
Andy is a CTO with a passion for all things cyber security related. Andy’s affinity for security in general can be traced back to his time as a Sergeant in the German Armed Forces. He is an advocate for how to give back to the industry and develop the next generation of cyber security experts.


Barak Perelman
VP, OT Security, Tenable
Barak was Indegy’s co-founder and CEO, before it was acquired by Tenable. Barak is a graduate of Israel’s elite Talpiot military academy and brings over 15 years of hands-on experience in cybersecurity strategies and protection of critical infrastructures. Before founding Indegy, Barak led large-scale cyber security projects in the IDF and received commendations for his service achievements.

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