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29th October. The Azure Forum Free Webinar

The Azure Forum would again like to invite to join an upcoming discussion on Covid-19 and European Strategic Autonomy: Is the emergency driving an expanded ‘soft security’ concept?’ on Thursday 29 October 2020 at 12:30-14:00 (Irish Standard Time)This is the fifth event in The Azure Forum 2020 Webinar Series on ‘Peace, security and defence during and beyond the Covid-19 Crisis: Lessons for future global crises’. This series is kindly supported by University College Dublin.

The upcoming webinar will bring together experts with different professional backgrounds to examine policy-relevant questions surrounding ‘strategic autonomy’ that are being debated across Europe, with particular focus on what strategic autonomy means and what it does not mean in a geostrategic/security context.

What are the implications of questions surrounding unanimity necessary for foreign policy and the nexus with defence matters which are not an EU competence like other areas? Our expert panellists will explore connections between these developments and other factors, for both Europe and Ireland,  that have since become apparent during the global health emergency. Analysts will explore the prospect of “an expanded ‘soft security’ concept as a ‘new grand narrative to link climate change with public health and perhaps other matters of ordre public, such as public morality, public order and public security’, asking whether the COVID-19 trauma will give rise to a new doctrine of Europe qui protège.

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The Azure Forum
Covid-19 and European Strategic Autonomy: Is the emergency driving an expanded ‘soft security’ concept?’

Daniel Fiott,
Security and Defence Editor, EU Institute for Security Studies

Michael Murphy, Security Contact Point, Enterprise Ireland

Jens Hillebrand Pohl, Adjunct Lecturer, Department of International and European Law, Maastricht University

Ben Tonra, Full Professor and Head of International Relations at the UCD School of Politics and International Relations & Distinguished Fellow at The Azure Forum for Contemporary Security Strategy

ChairCaitríona Heinl, The Azure Forum for Contemporary Security Strategy & Adjunct Research Fellow, School of Politics and International Relations, University College Dublin


Important Notes on Joining Instructions:

  •     You will receive joining instructions from ZOOM before the event. Unregistered persons will not be allowed into the webinar.
  •     Registration will close at 11:00 am on the morning of the event.
  •     Please check your spam filters to ensure that you will receive information from and/or Zoom.
  •     Please note that the first part of the panel discussion is open for coverage, including media reporting. The Q&A session is under the Chatham House Rule (Participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed).
  •     Any recordings of events held off the record or under the Chatham House rule are used for note taking purposes only and will not be published.

More information about the ‘Understanding the peace and security implications of Covid-19’ series can be found here

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