25th May. Velona Webinar: SIP Penetration Testing & GSMA’s FS.38

Join Velona CTO Tony Friar, chair of GSMA’s SIPSEC working group and lead author of FASG FS.38 “SIP Network Security” PRD, and guests for a live Webinar on a Real-World CSP Case Study of SIP Penetration Testing & GSMA’s FS.38 in action.

Unlike Cyber, Penetration Testing in Telecommunications has never had proper Standards-led governance, which means what passes for proper Penetration Testing varies widely.

Join us to see how FS.38 can provide a real framework for a thorough end-end test of both Enterprise and Consumer UC networks for CSPs.
We walk through the methodology and findings of a recent test run for an IMS-based network.

Join Velona’s CTO, Tony Friar, and guests for a discussion on:

– Why SIP security is more than just SIP
– Why traditional approaches to penetration testing SIP based networks aren’t enough
– Why SIP penetration testing needs to constantly evolve using multiple sources of inputs
– How the GSMA’s FS.38 helps govern the Process
– How to assess the severity of the findings
– A run-through of how some of the more surprising vulnerabilities
– What to do when the Testing is over
– Why regular penetration testing is important
– Future threats
– Next steps in your Defence-In-Depth journey

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