Dec 8th: Virtual Capture the Flag

Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet is hosting a FREE Virtual Capture the Flag in partnership with Zero Days.

The Virtual Capture The Flag (vCTF) is an interactive fun environment and an opportunity for organisations to have their employees engage in a set of technical or non-technical challenges which:

  • Trains them to both recognise and mitigate exposure to potential threats,
  • Ensures that they hone their cyber awareness skills through puzzles and challenges,
  • Tests their knowledge and competency, both individually, and as a team.

vCTF events offer a unique, fun and engaging way to learn cybersecurity concepts and gain new skills. Regardless of background or skillset, CTFs really are suitable for all ability levels. If you know how to open a web browser, then you’re ready to take part in your first CTF event. So, if you enjoy solving puzzles, want to learn a little about cyber security or just want to challenge yourself, then these events are for you.

It is widely accepted that everyone in business, whether communicating, trading online or working within cloud-based networks, needs to be aware of the potential cyber risks and threats that exist. As many have transitioned to remote working, and as employees access commercially sensitive data, organisations more than ever cannot afford business disruption, reputational damage, or financial threats to their bottom line caused by security breaches.

As evidence shows, the potential for attack has increased substantially in recent times, and consequently, company directors have the responsibility to protect their businesses and ensure that their organisations have employees who are competent at recognising and managing the prevention of cyber threats and risks, suitably trained to maintain compliance with data security requirements, continuously security-conscious and aware of their cyber responsibilities, whether dealing with co-workers or outside organisations.



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