24th June. Auth0 Webinar: 2021 Auth0 State of Secure Identity Report

About this upcoming-webinar

Digital identities control access to an ever-growing number of applications, services and critical systems. This makes identity an interesting attack vector for threat actors and highlights the importance of authentication and authorisation in preserving trust and security.

The 2021 Auth0 State of Secure Identity Report highlights the latest trends in identity security, including what types of attacks Auth0 has observed, the characteristics of these attacks, what industries are most affected and the adoption rates for identity protection technologies.

During this webinar, we’ll provide greater insight into which industries are:

  • Most highly targeted by credential stuffing attacks
  • Most highly targeted by SQL injection attacks
  • Leading the way in MFA adoption to improve overall security posture

We’ll also shed light on: fake account creation, MFA bypass attacks and what defensive measures are being adopted to combat these identity security threats.

The speakers are:

  • Duncan Godfrey – VP Security and Compliance
  • Kim Berry – Principal Threat Intelligence Researcher
  • Matt Duench – Senior Director, Product Marketing

The webinar registration link is here: https://auth0.com/resources/upcoming-webinars/state-of-security-identity-report-session-one?withnav=false?utm_source=cms&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=state-security


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