Cyber Ireland – Business supports and schemes for Cyber Ireland members

What are the Supports?

These schemes offer supports, funding and service in the areas of business transformation, innovation expertise, training, market research and access, research and development. 

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Who are they for?

The supports and services are relevant to indigenous companies, MNCs and Higher Education and Research Institutes.

The Webinar will Cover:

  • Provide an overview of the different schemes, their benefits and their applicability to Cyber Ireland members and their clients, including:
    • Schemes by Business stage e.g. Startup, HPSU, Sustaining, Expansion
    • Business Transformation and Innovation e.g. LEAN Privacy, Agile etc.
    • BCP Voucher Scheme
    • Operational Excellence
    • R&D Innovation supports & Innovation partnerships
    • Market Research Centre
  • Hear practical details of how the schemes operate and may benefit Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland clients
  • Answer any questions and provide clarifications about the schemes
  • Provide details on how to qualify and access these schemes