DEP – Coordination between the cybersecurity civilian and defence spheres

Deployment actions in the area of cybersecurity (DIGITAL-ECCC-2023-DEPLOY-CYBER-04)
Call for proposal Grant.
Programme: Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL).
Status: Open for submission.
Concrete activities such as discussions, meetings, white papers, workshops, which strengthen the links between the cybersecurity civilian and defence spheres.
Synergies between these communities, such as common activities to exchange know-how and information.
The objective is to enhance exchange and coordination between the cybersecurity civilian (including CSIRTs, law enforcement and cyber diplomacy communities) and defence spheres. This should in particular foster synergies between cybersecurity actions in Horizon Europe, Digital Europe and defence related actions carried out by the Union through its bodies and programmes, such as the European Defence Agency and the European Defence Fund.
The aim is to organise activities that foster exchange with regards to cybersecurity technologies that have relevance in both civilian and defence context: meetings, workshops and collaborative activities between stakeholders of the civil and defence communities, addressing all stakeholders (academic, SMEs, industry, public authorities, etc.).



€ 3 000 000