InterTradeIreland Business Explorer Programme – Plan

Suitable for businesses who have begun to address a business challenge, new product or process development but need support from a specialist to progress further.

About the support

18 days of academic/specialist support:

  • To work on the challenges or ideas identified to create a plan to implement the solution.
  • To develop a plan of implementation that will potentially consider use of new technologies, processes or product in order to enable innovative business improvements in operations, business agility, productivity and sustainability.
  • To develop and embed innovation skills to address the application challenge.
  • To boost SME’s knowledge and understanding of innovative practice or initiatives to ensure continued business growth performance.
  • To be completed over a minimum of 3 months or a maximum of 6 months.

Next steps – Use plan of implementation to apply for further support through IntertradeIreland’s Innovation Boost.

Funding available £20,000/€23,200 + VAT

If interested, register or contact Michelle Billham

18 days