SecurIT 2nd Open Call

Programme: Horizon 2020

Call: SecurIT 2nd Open Call

SecurIT is an EU-funded project aiming to create a new global competitive security industry (product & service) by supporting better integration of innovative security systems. Under 2nd Open Call SecurIT will select up to 21 projects aiming to develop new prototypes or demonstrators in the security and cybersecurity domain with financial and mentoring support from the SecurIT consortium.

Outcomes and Deliverables of This Call:

The funding is expected to:

  • Support the development and integration of innovative security solutions in a new industrial value chain (and services)
  • Co-financing and supporting the development of collaborative projects allowing the prototyping and experimentation of technological solutions in the field of security, taking into account the ethical, legal, and societal challenges of this sector.
  • Promote cross-border cooperation between SMEs and other innovation actors in this sector.


SecurIT aims to focus on increasing the security of current applications, services, and infrastructures by integrating state-of-the-art security solutions or processes, supporting the creation of lead markets & market incentives in Europe, following an end-user-driven approach.


SecurIT is offering 2 types of Instruments:

  1. Prototyping Instrument: for the development of prototyping solutions for end-users or/and cybersecurity integrators at the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) stage at least. Up to € 74.000.
  2. Demonstration Instrument: for new application solutions in cybersecurity and digital applications applying to security solutions ready to piloting at a large scale in the short-term. Up to € 88.000.

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€88,000 / €74,000
1 year