SFI Strategic Partnership Programme

The Strategic Partnership Programme is a flexible mechanism for academic researchers to build strategic collaborations with key stakeholders such as industry, other funding agencies, charities, philanthropic organisations, higher education institutes (HEIs), or a combination of any of these.

The scheme aims to support stand-alone research initiatives of scale with strong potential for delivering economic and societal impact to Ireland, in partnership with key stakeholders.

The Strategic Partnership Programme is one strand available to build collaborations with key partners, funding excellent science that benefits society and the economy.


The co-funding partner(s) must commit to providing a minimum of 50% of the direct project costs in cash. The SFI budget for the Strategic Partnership must be a minimum of €400,000 meaning the total award size (SFI and co-funding partner budget) is a minimum of €800,000 (direct costs). There is no maximum request level. Co-funding partner ‘in kind’ contributions should be specified in the application but cannot be counted towards the required 50% cash contribution from the co-funding partner(s).

1 - 5 Years