DEP Supporting The NIS Directive Implementation And National Cybersecurity Strategies

Programme: Digital Europe Programme

Call: Cyber Security and Trust DIGITAL-ECCC-2022-CYBER-03

The Digital Europe Programme aims to accelerate the economic recovery and shape the digital transformation of Europe’s society and economy, bringing benefits to everyone, but in particular to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Outcomes and Deliverables of This Call:

Proposals are expected to deliver on at least two of the following results:

  1. Enable the Member States to limit the damage of cybersecurity incidents, including economic, social, environmental, or political damage, while reducing the overall costs of cybersecurity for individual Member States and for the EU as a whole;
  2. Improve compliance with the NIS Directive, higher levels of situational awareness and crisis response in Member States;
  3. Contribute to enhanced cooperation, preparedness and cybersecurity resilience of the EU.
    The action will also lead to the interconnection of the centres in charge of guaranteeing the cybersecurity of the operator of important service.


The action focuses on Member States and European capacity building and the enhancement of cross-border cooperation on cybersecurity at technical, operational and strategic levels. It is a continuation of work currently supported under the CEF Telecom programme. Proposals should contribute to achieving these objectives:

  1. Development of trust and confidence between Member States.
  2. Effective operational cooperation of organisations entrusted with EU or Member State’s national level Cybersecurity, in particular cooperation of CSIRTs (including in relation to the CSIRT Network) or cooperation of Operators of Essential Services including public authorities.
  3. Better security and notification processes and means for Operators of Essential Services and for digital service providers in the EU.
  4. Improved security of network and information systems in the EU.
  5. More alignment and harmonisation of Member States’ implementations of the NIS Directive.