DEP Uptake Of Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions

Programme: Digital Europe Programme

Call: Cyber Security and Trust DIGITAL-ECCC-2022-CYBER-03

The Digital Europe Programme aims to accelerate the economic recovery and shape the digital transformation of Europe’s society and economy, bringing benefits to everyone, but in particular to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Outcomes and Deliverables of This Call:

The funding will:

  1. Support the adoption of market-ready innovative cybersecurity solutions, including solutions developed in the framework of EU-supported research and innovation projects.
  2. Provide and deploy up to date tools and services to organisations (in particular SMEs) to prepare, protect and respond to cybersecurity threats.
  3. Improve the security of open-source solutions (e.g. establishment of bug bounty programmes).

To support the market uptake and dissemination of innovative cybersecurity solutions (notably from SMEs, as well as results from publicly-funded research in the EU), improve knowledge, and auditing of cybersecurity preparedness.