Cyber Career Talks: How to have a successful career in Cyber Security

The Cyber Ireland’s South Chapter hosted a Cyber Career’s Event to explore the diverse career pathways of three successful professionals in the field of Cyber Security to give an insight into how students and young people might get into this exciting area.

MSean McSweneeyoderator

Sean McSweeney, Head Of Department of Computer Science at Munster Technological University and Cyber Ireland’s South Chapter Lead.

What type of personality do you need for a successful cyber security career? 

Sometimes our perceptions of careers and the characteristics required for them may be influenced by our own and societies perceptions and bias. Thus, the audience of secondary school students were asked their opinion on what type of characteristics are need for a successful career in Cyber Security and found the following:

personality for Cyber

Richard Parker - “My path to secure the world”

Richard Parker is the Director of Cyber Security Infrastructure at Dell. The plan in the beginning of his professional journey was to become a medical doctor as he loved Science. However, his career path took many turns from pharmaceutical sales, to working at Harod’s Department Store until eventually joining Dell. 

To watch Richard’s whole talk in YouTube, Click Here

Dr. Sorcha Healy - "Cybersecurity Data Scientist = puzzles + maths + big data + code + adversaries"

 Dr. Sorcha Healy is the Principal Engineer, Lead Data Scientist at McAfee. Sorcha’s journey into the Cyber Security was a winding road. She particularly loved math and after her undergraduate studies at TU Dublin,  she undertook an MSc. in Mathematical Physics followed by a PhD, which eventually led to a career in Cyber security.

To watch Sorcha’s whole talk in YouTube, Click Here

John McSweeney, "Don’t sell lettuce – take a career in Cyber Security!"

John McSweeney, Director of Cyber Security at McKesson. He started his interest in computers at 12 years old programming video games and at 14 years old his passion for entrepreneurship led him to growing lettuce for his first business. At  21 years old, John set up his own computer company. After that and for the next 16 years, he has been developing computer systems for banking industry.

To watch John’s whole talk in YouTube, Click Here

Panel Discussion

  • What part of your job you enjoy the most?
  • Do you need a core science degree to enter into Cyber Security?
  • How an Electrical Engineer can pursue his career in Cyber Security?