Cluster Membership

Cyber Ireland Membership is open to all companies and organisations (not individuals) which are deemed to provide or consume, to some extent, cyber security products and/or services, or play an important role in Ireland’s cyber security sector, including government agencies and education providers. Organisations must have operations, or be registered, in Ireland. The list of Cyber Security Operations include, but are not limited to:

  • Information Risk Assessment and Management;
  • Identification, Authentication and Access Control;
  • Network Security;
  • End-User Device Security;
  • Monitoring, Detection and Analysis;
  • Incident Response and Management;
  • SCADA, Industrial Control Systems and IOT devices;
  • Training, Awareness and Education;
  • Cyber Professional Services;
  • Cyber Security Insurance; and
  • Internal Cyber Security functions

Membership of Cyber Ireland is free for our first year (May 2019 – May 2020). To sign-up, please download and complete the cluster membership application below and include a logo for your organisation that can be added to our membership list.

Why join?

  • An Industry led organisation, with support of academia and government, to address the needs and challenges of the cyber security sector in Ireland.
  • Talent & Skills – Support the industry academic engagement to make Ireland a leading international location for cyber security talent.
  • R&D – Promoting Ireland’s cyber security R&D expertise and supporting industry-academic collaboration
  • Connecting – bringing the cyber security cluster (industry-academia-government) together through events to facilitate networking, sharing of experiences and collaboration.
  • Promotion – building the profile and promote Ireland’s cyber security sector to ensure recognition of its important role in the national economy and in society.
  • International – Promoting Ireland’s cyber security sector & expertise internationally, connecting with international organisations and supporting the internationalisation of Irish SMEs
  • Influence – Influence government and national policy to address key challenges for the cyber security sector via a strong, collective voice