TI Series – Session 7: The Pathway to a Successful Threat Intelligence Function

The Cyber Ireland Threat Intel Group aims to build the expertise within the Cyber Ireland community to develop Threat Intelligence capabilities through the sharing of knowledge and experiences at a strategic level.

A) Introduction Phase:
1st Session: Threat Intel and Mitre Att&ck 101
2nd Session: Developing your TI Strategy
3rd Session: Law Enforcement
4th Session: Threat intelligence platforms and consumption 101

B) Implementation Phase:
5th Session: Active Defense with Incident Response
6th Session: How to build a Threat Intel Program

7th Session: The Pathway to a Successful Threat Intelligence Function

On the 26th May we were joined by Dr. Jamie Collier, Cyber Threat Intelligence at FireEye to talk us about The Pathway to a Successful Threat Intelligence Function.

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is never an end in itself. It instead serves a broader mission: to inform, advise, and empower stakeholders within an organization. This talk will outline how an organisation can build and develop a successful CTI function that is able to improve security outcomes and empower individuals across a security function. The talk will first outline what FireEye Mandiant considers the gold standard for CTI functions, before outlining advanced CTI use cases among various stakeholders.

You will learn: 

– The critical components of any successful CTI function.
– How to shift from a reactive to proactive CTI posture.
– How to leverage MITRE ATT&CK mapping and YARA rules to improve security outcomes.
– Utilising intelligence in cyber risk.


      1. Introduction to Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)

        • Defining Intelligence-Led
        • Intelligence-Led Security
        • Paradox of Choice
        • Navigating Distraction
      2. The Pathway to Success

        • CTI Process Lifestyle
        • Building for Success – The Gold Standard
        • Developing a Cyber Threat Profile
        • Getting to know your Stakeholders
        • Building Requirements-Driven Approach
      3. Shifting to a Proactive Response

        • Optimizing Feedback
        • From Reactive to Proactive Responses
        • Ransomware Playbooks
        • Leverage Playbooks
        • High-Leverage Security Decision
        • Intelligence/Led Red Teaming
        • Vulnerability Prioritization Philosophy

About the Speaker:

Dr Jamie Collier is a Cyber Threat Intelligence Consultant at FireEye. He was previously the Cyber Threat Intelligence Team Lead at Digital Shadows and has completed a Ph.D. in cybersecurity at the University of Oxford where he remains active as a research affiliate with the Centre for Technology and Global Affairs. Jamie was previously based at MIT as a Cyber Security Fulbright Scholar and has experience working with the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, Oxford Analytica, and PwC India.

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