Trout Software

Trout software helps enterprise run the most secure & connected facilities Connectivity. It provides a hardware to accelerate secure connectivity through the implementation of Demilitarized LAN. Trout works on the concept of Demilitarized LAN (DLAN), bringing DMZ capacities up to LAN and subnetwork level. The Trout Cyberbox is a hardware installed on a network which … Read more


Fortinet was founded more than 20 years ago in Sunnyvale, California, and it continues to be a driving force in the evolution of cybersecurity and the convergence of networking and security. Securing people, devices, and data everywhere is their mission. More than 755,000 customers trust Fortinet solutions, which are among the most deployed, most patented, … Read more

Pablosec Solutions Ltd

Pablosec provides security services and solutions. They work to develop and include the latest technologies, processes and methodologies to offer their customers the best solutions to improve their cybersecurity.

ffh Management Services

ffh Management Services based in Dublin, Ireland is part of the Fairfax Group and is registered with the Central Bank of Ireland. Fairfax Financial Holdings is a holding company based in Canada and listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The Fairfax Group is principally engaged in global property and casualty insurance/reinsurance and associated investment management activities.

matrix internet

Matrix Internet is a creative web development, design & digital marketing agency with expertise in all the domains of design and marketing.


The NTMA provide ICT and Cyber Security Operations services for multiple State Agencies under NTMA umbrella.

Holland Digital

Holland Digital is an integrated safety solutions provider with over 20 years of experience as a specialist in safety training, consultancy, and contract placement. We support some of Ireland’s largest organisations operating in manufacturing, construction, pharmaceutical, and government sectors. With an emphasis on teaching our client about various cyber dangers, we launched our cyber security … Read more

Edge7 Networks

Edge7 Networks was founded in 2018 and is a fast growing and innovative provider in the Data Networking and Enterprise Security space. They supply services, equipment, and managed services to customers around the globe. As recognised experts in SD-WAN with unrivalled experience, Edge7 Networks work with large enterprises to deploy connectivity, SD-WAN and Managed Services. … Read more


siprotect shields your Voice communications systems and users from unwanted calls, hack attempts and toll fraud while offering encryption, business continuity and dynamic alerting to mitigate against the financial loss, reputational damage, operational chaos and compliance failures associated with communications systems attacks.

Protostars AI Software Ltd.

Protostars AI Software Ltd. help CFOs of Cyber Risk & Compliance who need to mitigate risk of SaaS product failure, while increase revenue capacity of their cyber risk quantification consultancy organisation. We help the CFT save on traditional software development by offering platform-as-a-service with Cyber SaaS templates supported by conversation AI.