Insights into European (and Irish) Private Cybersecurity Investment

By Francisco Andrade e Silva, Market and Regional Policies Junior Manager, ECSO The European cybersecurity market has been increasing steadily over the past decades, having reached a total of €52.4B in 2023 with a 10.81% CAGR until 2029 (Mordor Intelligence, 2024). One factor plays a crucial role in ensuring a steady market growth: investment. A … Read more

Organisations Must Embrace a Software Security Culture

By Ita Ryan, PhD software security researcher at UCC When considering online security issues, the focus is often on overall cybersecurity rather than on vulnerable software. Software security involves designing and writing software so that it is resistant to attack by bad actors. Anyone who has been paying attention to the never-ending cycle of vulnerability-patch-vulnerability-patch … Read more

Startup Event ‘Demystifying the Cybersecurity Startup Journey’ 23rd November, Dogpatch Labs

On 23rd November, Cyber Ireland held an event to Demystify the Cybersecurity Startup Journey. The event, hosted at Dogpatch Labs, Dublin, was targeted towards Startup and Scale-up Founders, as well as Tech professionals who may be considering starting or joining a startup. Colm Healy, CEO, Coratta, chaired the event. Over 60 attendees got to hear … Read more

Italian Cyber Security Market Opportunities: Market Study Visit Italy 

Italy has seen a significant increase in cyber attacks over the past number of years, and a corresponding increase in cyber security spending. This was the overview presented by Giorgia Paola Dragoni, Senior Researcher at the Cybersecurity & Data Protection Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, at the Enterprise Ireland Market Study Visit (MSV) to … Read more

Cyber Ireland National Conference 2023

The Cyber Ireland National Conference (CINC) 2023 took place on the 26th & 27th of September, Galway. This year we had 400 cyber security leaders and professionals from over 150 organisations from the cluster across industry, education and government. It was a fantastic two days with attendees rating the conference a 9 out of 10 … Read more


5G Cyber Ireland

Date: 14/10/2020 Time: 12:30 Organizer: Cyber Ireland Moderator: Jacky Fox, Vice Chair Cyber Ireland. Managing Director and Security at Accenture Ireland Speakers: Silke Holtmanns Dr. Silke Holtmanns is Head of 5G Security Research at Adaptive Mobile Security in Dublin. She has extensive experience in the telecommunications industry with a specialty in mobile security research for … Read more

Cyber Ireland April 2019 Newsletter

Cyber Ireland Cluster Development – Update We have been working hard since the Cluster Initiation Workshops in February on the development of Cyber Ireland, meeting with companies and organisations in the cluster, and promoting Ireland’s Cyber Security Cluster both nationally and internationally, and taking the next steps in the development of the cluster organisation. Analysing … Read more

Cyber Ireland March Newsletter

“The Time is Now to Make Ireland a Cyber Security Centre of Excellence.” This was the resounding message from Cyber Ireland’s cluster initiation workshops, which took place in Cork, Galway and Dublin on the 18th-20th of February to drive the initiation of a national Cyber Security Cluster for Ireland. The 250 attendees across the regions … Read more

The Time is now to make Ireland a Cyber Security Centre of Excellence

Ireland has all of the ingredients to become a global cyber security centre of excellence and can realise this through a co-ordinated approach to connect all elements of the ecosystem. This was the resounding message garnered from a series of cluster initiation workshops which brought together the key stakeholders from across Ireland’s cyber security ecosystem, … Read more