“Ireland has become a significant base of international technology and cyber security companies thanks to a growing, well-educated and flexible workforce with a rapidly increasing graduate output.  The cyber security industry in Ireland is growing at an unprecedented rate and we believe Ireland is uniquely placed to benefit from increased global investment to position itself as a world class cyber security cluster.”


Martin Shanahan, CEO IDA Ireland

“We are seeing a profound transformation in our digital lives and environment. The security of connected objects and cyber-physical systems, advances brought about by artificial intelligence or data-centric security are three examples of major challenges and opportunities. To ensure the continued growth, sustainability and international competitiveness of cyber security firms in Ireland, there is a need to support industry and address certain challenges. Cyber Ireland provides a unique opportunity to co-ordinate the many organisations involved in cyber security in Ireland and position the country as a global leader.”

Johnson Controls Donal Sullivan

Donal Sullivan, VP & General Manager, Johnson Controls

“The announcement of a National Cyber Security Cluster is a really exciting opportunity. Supported by Cork IT and backed by government funding, this initiative will greatly advance the sector in Ireland, by facilitating greater collaboration between the companies involved. There are already more than 6,000 people employed in Cyber Security here, but there is considerable potential for further growth,particularly with the potential of areas like cloud computing. “Cyber Ireland will also provide a collective voice for the sector and will provide an avenue for challenges facing the sector to be addressed. Overall the establishment of the cluster will result in a better cyber security response for the State and better outcomes for the companies involved.”

Minister Richard Bruton, DCCAE

Minister Richard Bruton, Department of Communications, Climate Action and the Environment

“Protecting against today’s highly dynamic cybersecurity threat environment demands a concerted, collaborative effort and the creation of a National Cyber Security Cluster facilitated by CIT aligns with our commitment here at IBM Security to open standards and partnerships. Cyber Ireland can help us attract & develop talent to help grow the industry in Ireland while offering our security practitioners the opportunity to work together with academic researchers and share innovations.” 


Cathal O’Donovan, IBM Security Chief Product Owner

“With Trend Micro being the first enterprise security vendor to position their presence in Cork over 15 years ago we are very supportive of the need for an Industry led security cluster with strong ties to academia and support structures from government.

This cluster will provide an ideal vehicle to accelerate a very strong position Ireland already has, as an attractive location for security companies to further increase our competitiveness on the global stage”


William Dalton, Head of Corporate IT in Trend Micro