Commission on the Defence Forces Public Consultation

How the Defence Forces of the future can adapt to face cyber threats?

The Commission on the Defence Forces have launched a public consultation which remains open until the 19th March 2021. The Commission will consider the appropriate structures, capabilities and staffing of the future Defence Forces and the Irish Cyber Security community is encouraged to participate.

The growing importance of cyber space to military operations places an onus on the Defence Forces to enhance their ability to understand the threats that Ireland might face and to develop the capabilities and capacity to defend and respond appropriately in this field. In addition to the defence of military networks and operations at home and overseas the White Paper on Defence commits the Defence Forces to provide support, to wider Government cyber security efforts. With these policy objectives in mind we want your ideas on how the Defence Forces of the future can adapt to face these threats.

Are their models of best international practice in cyber defence & security that are particularly relevant to Ireland?

Ireland has recently joined the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence. Should the Defence Forces presence in this multinational and interdisciplinary cyber defence hub be increased and how can our co-operation with the centre be leveraged to support wider cyber security efforts in Ireland?

Does the Defence Forces have a role to play in addressing the cyber security skills gap and could the organisation serve as a talent incubator for the wider sector?

Ensuring that a cyber security ecosystem with adequate critical mass exists in the State is a key priority for Government. The Defence Forces have decades of experience with apprentice and higher education models and recognised success in training and developing talent for the aviation sector, could this model be replicated for cyber security?


  • What specific capabilities can the Defence Forces develop to support the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in its role as the primary Cyber Security authority in the State?
  • Can the Defence Forces make greater use of reservists and civilian staff to fulfill their multiple roles?
  • How can we encourage better cooperation between relevant stakeholders to make the best use of existing cyber security resources and expertise in Ireland?


If you have one idea or one hundred please take the time to engage and take part in the consultation. More information and a suggested template for submissions is available at the link below:

Submissions closed 19 March 2021

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