Threat Intelligence Series: From Zero to Hero. Session 6.

The Cyber Ireland Threat Intel Group aims to build the expertise within the Cyber Ireland community to develop Threat Intelligence capabilities through the sharing of knowledge and experiences at a strategic level.

A) Introduction Phase:
1st Session: Threat Intel and Mitre Att&ck 101
2nd Session: Developing you TI Strategy
3rd Session: Law Enforcement
4th Session: Threat intelligence platforms and consumption 101

B) Implementation Phase:
5th Session: Active Defense with Incident Response

How to build a threat intel program

On the 28th April we were joined by Dereck Buchanan, Strategical Threat Advisor EMEA at Crowdstrike to talk us about “How to build a threat intel program”:

An insight in what address when building a threat intelligence program

– What to think about from a strategic, tactical and operational position
– What to remember when thinking about people, processes and technology
– How to establish whats critical for the business and how to measure success of your program
– How to implement and measure a plan based on these

About the Speaker:
Derek has a wealth of intelligence experience having worked within public and private sector industries. From experience as a Threat Researcher covering an array of Governmental departments, he progressed into the private sector as a Security Analyst within the financial industry before progressing into the role as a Threat Intel Advisor at CrowdStrike. His work involves investigating geopolitical, strategic, cyber threats and actor groups.

To watch the webinar see our Youtube channel:

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