AI & the Data Security Risks

May 21, 2024
10:00 am

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools such as Microsoft Copilot hold immense potential to revolutionize businesses, offering benefits such as increased productivity and improved customer experiences. However, businesses must proceed with caution before fully embracing this exciting technology, as the deployment of AI poses significant data security risks, which may be detrimental if organisations overlook essential steps during implementation.

To assist organisations in navigating this transition, CWSI and Microsoft are joining forces for an informative one-hour webinar on May 21st. This session will delve into the data security challenges an organisation can face during AI adoption.

Hosted by Data Security experts, CWSI’s Paul Conaty and Microsoft’s Brenda Pessoa, they will explore how Microsoft Copilot interacts with an organisations data and the risks of deploying AI in an unmanaged environment. During the session you will receive valuable guidance, best practices and strategies on how to safeguard your organisations sensitive information, whilst harnessing the power of AI.


  • Microsoft Copilot capabilities
  • Learn how Microsoft Copilot interacts with an organisations data 
  • Data security risks and challenges posed by AI
  • Legislation surrounding data security
  • AI-data readiness checklist