Cork Sec 119

May 9, 2023
7:00 pm  |  Aye 9 Anglesea Street · Cork, CO

What is Cork Sec?

Simply put CorkSec is a monthly meetup (running since 2013) for anyone interested in Information Security in the Munster region (primarily Cork). Regardless of whether you identify yourself as an InfoSec Professional, a Hacker, a Researcher, a Student or just someone with an interest in breaking things to see how they work / stopping people breaking things to see how they work – all are welcome, and please invite your like-minded friends.

Meetings take place on the second Tuesday of the month.

TALK 1: Cyber Career Speaker Series: February – May 2023

  • CorkSec, in conjunction with Cyber Ireland, is hosting a Cyber Career Speaker Series across 3 evenings in February, March & April 2023.
  • Each time we will chat with 3 panelists from security industry at different points in their careers, to help the audience understand more on their own potential paths in Security – finalising in April with those at the more senior stages of their careers.
  • Combined with one of CorkSecs traditional technical talks – the night promises to informative, diverse, inspiring and fun.
  • Nothing is off the table! So Come along to hear interesting stories, pick up some tip,s and meet people from the security industry.
  • Our panellists (TBC on Availability) are Louise McIndoe (Logitech), Aidan O’Keeffe (Northern Trust), and Richard Parker (Dell).

TALK 2 : Personal Desktop Security with Linux: Why, What and How to Use It – Andrew Kenneally
In a similar vein to a previous talk on the awesomeness of PFSense, this talk will focus on bringing a more secure and free as in freedom approach to personal desktop / laptop security and use.

So book the night in your diaries – and hope to see many of you there!