Tech Ascent 2024

March 7, 2024
9:00 am - 6:00 pm  |  Croke Park - Dublin

FIT is delighted to announce that they are hosting the Tech Ascent, FIT Tech Apprenticeship Expo in partnership with GCS on the 7th of March 2024 in Croke Park, Dublin.

The aim of Tech Ascent is to explore existing & future tech employment opportunities in the Irish market, raise the profile of the FIT Tech Apprenticeship programme, and offer facilitation to employers to recruit tech candidates.  

This event will be the first of its kind to involve live Q & A sessions directly with tech apprenticeship employers, along with current & previous tech apprentices. Visitors both young and old, of varying skill sets, will be able to participate in an interactive tech arena using a variety of the latest technologies available such as AI, robotic cars, 3D printing, AR & VR technologies, and PLC’s.

The professional linkages GCS has with key employers along with FIT’s extensive portfolio of employers and existing & past learners, including secondary school level students, young adults & adults, career changers, upskillers, tech enthusiasts, industry professionals and tech inspired students, as well as existing and former FIT tech apprentices will provide a diverse range of attendees interested in tech and tech careers. 

The event will give company’s the opportunity to:

  • Promote- build your company’s brand awareness.  
  • Network-You all get the opportunity to mix and mingle with like-minded people where skills and best practices are shared, ideas you can apply when found valuable and suitable for your industry. 
  • Recruit- opportunity to meet face-to-face interactions with interested persons seeking careers in technology. 
  • Tech Apprenticeships – Meet with Tech Apprentices and Tech Apprentice employers.
  • Meet the Tech Apprenticeship team to discuss opportunities to increase your team.
  • Gain knowledge and valuable strategies from leaders and other successful people.  

The event will offer attendees the opportunity to:

  • Meet with tech expert employers and discover new career opportunities. 
  • Enjoy Tech discussion panels where you will hear from Tech Apprentices and Tech professionals about their journey into tech and their experiences.
  • Enjoy a day packed with like-minded tech enthusiasts.  
  • Network with experts and get expert advice on career pathways and opportunities.
  • Expand your own personal and professional development and keep up with the constantly evolving technology.  
  • Companies representatives can network with like-minded industry professionals


  • Apprentice storyboards/testimonials playing re-run on all media inside & outside screens. 
  • Live Q & A sections – ‘Hear it directly’ from Apprentice Employers & Apprentices – (Big Tech, SMEs & start Ups)  
  • Tech demo areas manned by key tech companies– VR Headsets, Large gaming screen, Robotic cars etc. 
  • Live panel/mics sessions throughout the day. 
  • Student Laptop(s) competition giveaway at set intervals 
  • Tech Exhibition area in the foyer area 
  • B2B section for employers 
  • Guest speakers for each audience cohort 
  • Lunch will be provided