Advancing Cybersecurity with AI

November 10, 2023
1:45 pm - 3:00 pm  |  The Foundry (Google Building Gordon House, Barrow St, Dublin 4, D04 V3A0)

Google and Women4Cyber are convening a group of experts to discuss key questions around the secure development of AI and the future of cybersecurity.

As we see more AI solutions being built and deployed, how can we make sure that newly critical AI is secured from attacks? How can we secure the technology and sensitive training data that underpin AI and ML research and implementation? How can and should we use AI and machine learning (ML) to mitigate our current cybersecurity risks? What might future risks look like, and how can we ensure our technology is also able to address those challenges?

A light lunch will be offered prior to the event starting at 1:00 pm.