Myth Busting NIS2 and the Road to Compliance

March 13, 2024
10:00 am  |  WEBINAR

CWSI has organised a Webinar on the 13th of March about the myths of the NIS2 and some advices to work right.

Despite the imminent deadline for NIS2 compliance, many organisations remain uncertain about its implications. As the threat landscape continues to expand, NIS2 aims to better prepare government organisations and operators of essential infrastructure from cyber threats making them more resilient against cyber-attacks. Due to the directive’s stringent regulations, IT teams find themselves bombarded with information from various sources, leaving them overwhelmed and struggling to fully grasp the directives requirements.

We are teaming up with Microsoft to host a NIS2 webinar where our audience can gain a comprehensive understanding of how NIS2 builds upon the original NIS1 directive, the businesses it impacts and some of the first actions your organisation should take towards becoming compliant. The session led by NIS2 experts, Paul Conaty and James Leo, will clarify any misconceptions around NIS2 and guide you through recommended practices for approaching compliance.

Date: March 13th, 10am-11am


  • How NIS2 builds on the original NIS1
  • Identifying who is in scope of NIS2
  • Debunking NIS2 myths
  • How NIS2 affects multinational organisations
  • Learn about Microsoft’s NIS2 journey
  • Gain advice on assessing what actions to take now