Securys – Is this the end of the world as we know it?

September 29, 2022
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm  |  Online

What Article 65, Meta and the Data Protection Commission Ireland mean for international transfers of personal data and what can you do to protect your enterprise? 

In this webinar our expert panel will address some of the most challenging issues in international data transfer. 

Transferring personal data across borders is one of the the most challenging aspects of current privacy practice and a key regulatory focus. We wait for the final outcome of the Irish DPC’s proposed enforcement action against Meta, which could see Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp withdrawn across Europe. China’s PIPL has introduced stringent export restrictions on personal data that are forcing companies to stand up completely segregated vertical stacks, from storage through processing to administration, entirely within the PRC. The UK continues down a path of regulatory divergence that could threaten its adequacy status with the EU – while at the same time opening up the possibility of unilateral adequacy between the UK and the US. Denmark and Germany have seen government functions told to stop using Google products to prevent transfers to the US. Every week seems to bring new guidance, regulation or enforcement. 

Against this background, join our expert panel to get an update on the current state of the art. What are multinationals doing to keep data flowing, internally and to partners? How do you minimise your risk in continuing to use US cloud services or website analytics? How can you practically manage a transfer regime that can see half a dozen different regulatory regimes come into play? What does the future hold – will we get a renewed PrivacyShield deal before the clock runs down on much-delayed enforcement of the Schrems 2 decision? Do we need to plan for a balkanised future, with multiple global repositories and segregated processing, or are the benefits of global shared services still available?