Tech Talk: Cybersecurity Threats & Opportunities for the South West Region

March 14, 2024
7:30 am  |  MTU (Tourism and Hospitality Building)

Join TIA next Tech Talk on: Cybersecurity Threats and Opportunities for the South West Region. This in-person event will take place on Thursday 14th March from 7.30am to 9.00am in MTU (Tourism and Hospitality Building). Registration, refreshments & networking will begin from 7.30am, panel discussion from 8.00am – 9.00am.

This Tech Talk is a pivotal gathering for professionals, businesses, and organisations invested in the cybersecurity landscape in the tech sector. With a focus on addressing the evolving challenges and opportunities within the South West Region, this event aims to provide valuable insights for attendees. Expert panellists include:

Some of the areas that will be covered at this event include:

  • Cyber Educational and Training: Exploring the latest advancements in cybersecurity education and training to equip professionals with the necessary skills to combat emerging threats.
  • Clustering and Collaboration: Understanding the importance of clustering and collaborative efforts in enhancing the region’s cybersecurity resilience and innovation.
  • Government/Private Partnerships: Discussing the role of public-private partnerships in fortifying cybersecurity infrastructure and promoting information sharing.
  • Legislation in Process: Delving into the legislative initiatives shaping the cybersecurity landscape and their impact on businesses and organizations.
  • FinTech Opportunities: Unveiling the potential FinTech opportunities within the realm of cybersecurity and their implications for the South West Region.
  • Emerging Areas of Interest: Exploring new and emerging areas of interest for all attendees, addressing the needs of both producers and consumers of cybersecurity goods and services.

Who Should Attend

This event is tailored for business or technology professionals, industry leaders, policymakers, and stakeholders invested in the South West Region’s cybersecurity infrastructure. Whether you are a seasoned cybersecurity expert, a business leader navigating the digital landscape, or a policymaker shaping the regulatory framework, this event offers valuable insights and networking opportunities.

Overview of speakers

Ciaran Luttrell

Ciaran Luttrell is Senior Director of Security Operations for eSentire, a global leader of Managed Detection & Response Cyber Security Services. He began eSentire’s European HQ and Security Operations Centre in Cork in 2015 and has led its expansion to over 50 personnel across our Security Operations, Threat Research and Customer Success. Ciaran has a BSc in Computer Science from University College Cork, an MSc in Cloud Computing from Munster Technological University and a Postgraduate Diploma in Management from the Irish Management Institute.

Donna O’Shea

Donna O’Shea is a leading national figure in cybersecurity research and innovation. She holds the position of HEA SALI Chair of Cybersecurity at MTU. She has extensive experience in winning funding for and leading large-scale national cybersecurity initiatives including the HEA HCI3 ‘Cyber-Skills’ project on cybersecurity skills, Enterprise Ireland Innovators Initiative ‘Cyber Innovate” and the SFI ‘Cyber Futures’ EPE project on engaging school students in cybersecurity.

Donna co-led the establishment of the ‘Cyber-Ireland’ Industry Cluster and is a Cyber Ireland Board member. She is a Principal Investigator, specialising in Industry 4.0 cybersecurity in the CONFIRM SFI Centre for Smart Manufacturing, and Funded Investigator, specialising in cybersecurity, in the CONNECT SFI Centre for Future Networks, Group Lead for the Cyber Explore – with a mission to securely connect the real world, and a member of the Executive of Nimbus, MTU’s research centre for CPS technology. She has a strong track record in doctoral supervision and in learning. She was Head of Department and Lecturer in MTU Computer Science (2013-2020) and she worked in IBM as a Software Developer 2008-2013.

Eoin Byrne

Eoin Byrne is the Cluster Manager for Cyber Ireland and has been in this position for over five years. Cyber Ireland is the national cyber security cluster organisation that brings together Industry, Academia and Government to represent the needs of the Cyber Security Ecosystem in Ireland.

Fionbarr McLoughlin

Dr Fionbarr McLoughlin is an IT executive from a development background with over 30 years of experience across the US, Europe, and Asia, managing and leading both development and operational teams. He has operated primarily in the US financial services industry, working for leading investment banks such as Salomon Brothers, Goldman Sachs, and Lehman Brothers. Since his return to Ireland, Fionbarr has been the CIO of an international bank as well as being the CIO for Ireland’s largest healthcare system. He is currently the Chief of Security and Operations for Fexco, Ireland’s largest native FinTech.  In addition, he is a board member of ISACA Ireland with specific responsibility for academic liaison. 

Fionbarr holds a BSc in Computer Systems, an MSc in Computer Science and a PhD in Software Engineering from the University of Limerick, as well as an MBA in Finance from Pace University in New York. He also holds professional certifications in project management,  cyber security, and enterprise IT governance.

Breda O Dwyer

Dr Breda O Dwyer is the Director of The Cantillon Academy @ MTU and Head of the Department of Organisation & Professional Development, author of The ELMS Model – Entrepreneurial Leadership Mindset and promoter of the power of eudaimonic entrepreneurial well-being. Through her work and publications Breda has and continues to enable interdisciplinary conversations, learning and research that allow professionals in academia, practice and public policy to work more efficiently and intuitively alongside each other.  She has evolved Duening’s Five Minds of the Entrepreneurial Future – to Eight – adding the Curious, Empowering and Connecting Mind.  Breda believes strongly in the power of conversations, role modelling, storying telling and simply knowing who you are!  She practices a policy of learning through life’s experiences and learning to unlearn and relearn as we do.

The Cantillon Academy is a global community of entrepreneurially like-minded people who want to release the power of entrepreneurial learning and practice to initiate and lead transformational change in our society and economy.  Kerry being awarded the title of a European Entrepreneurship Region (EER) in 2011 is a direct result of such practice.  At Cantillon we connect minds through our different forum, we empower minds through our learning programmes and we ignite our curiosity as we explore different research opportunities that allow us to get know the self and reach our optimum potential.