Tech Talk of 2024: BOTS Unleashed

January 23, 2024
7:30 am  |  City Gate Mahon Block C T12 HD21 Cork

During this Tech Talk we delve into the fascinating world of bots, from their initial structure to their current day-to-day interaction in our lives and future. Panelists will discuss the market’s trends and the current situation of bots. During the events attendees will hear about the impact of bots on human identities and the challenges we face in understanding how to interact with them. Gain a deeper understanding of the security risks associated with bots and the economic implications of integrating them into decision-making processes.

Speakers will look into the future of bots and uncover how they will shape our lives. Furthermore, they will discuss the potential security risks, impact on job markets, and the changing landscape of human interactions. Attendees will also learn about the development of bots, their design principles, and their specific focus.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of bots and their impact on our lives and workplace. Expert panelists include:

Overview of speakers 

Fernando García, Presales Engineer at One Identity

Fernando García is a member of One Identity (the cybersecurity unit of Quest Software) EMEA Pre-Sales team, working mainly in the Spanish market. Prior to his work at One Identity, Fernando was the product. manager for the virtualization line of products of Symlabs (a company acquired by Quest in 2010) and has been involved in several entrepreneurial adventures in multiple fields and industries (web data analytics including bot detection techniques, energy measurement, BMS and Scada integrations, etc.)

David O’Brien, Director of Intelligent Automation at Dell Technologies

David leads the Automation Experience & Centre of Excellence in Dell Digital (IT). His organization drives the adoption of automation technology across all of Dell’s business functions. Today, his team’s focus is on expanding the capabilities of their existing automation offering and bringing together a full intelligent automation suite encompassing tools from RPA, Digital Adoption, Digital Workers to AI. Dell has one of the broadest internal process automation implementations in industry.

Izaskun Gomez, Channel Manager at One Identity

Izaskun is an Industrial engineer from the University of the Basque Country, with Honorus in Quality control and legislation. Working in the technology industries for quite a few years and more recently adding my daily efforts on helping partners to get a better understanding on managing virtual identities.  I have a deep interested in the potential of technology to enhance our lives and drive us to a better world.

Steve Fleming, Founder & CEO of Voxxify

Steve Fleming is one of the world’s leading thinkers in IT experience management thanks to a 20-plus year career working with global Blue Chip corporates such as RBS, American Airlines and Dell. Passionate about ensuring technology works for the user, he has a strong belief that without transparency and accountability we risk limiting technology’s ability to unlock human potential.