Unit 1A, Mahon House, Morahjy Business Park, Castleblayney

REIM Training Solutions Ltd

Founded in 2012, REIM Training Solutions has been a leader in providing high-quality training for education, businesses and the public sector. We have an excellent reputation in the education sector through our development and delivery of CPD training programmes for teachers and social care professionals, and in-classroom programmes for students in Primary and Post Primary, and the FET sector.
REIM Training Solutions has educated 154,000+ students, more than 26,400 parents and over 6,350 teachers in Digital Awareness and Internet Safety by using pedagogical best practice for curriculum development.
Their renowned primary and post primary training programmes have made a significant impact in raising awareness of safety and digital literacy within schools and their wider communities. They currently work in the FET sector delivering on the Contracted Training IT Category in CMETB. They are currently delivering high quality Industry certified Pre Tech, Software Development and Network Engineering courses. Within the corporate arena they offer a bespoke solution in Cyber Security Awareness Training to their clients, comprising of Senior Management and Staff training with a focus on staff risk reduction and sustained behavioural change. Their additional e-learning program provides their clients with a sustainable security culture, through refresher modules which allow measurement and evaluation of knowledge retention and consolidation.